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Barrio Amon, San Jose. La casa del Restaurante Silvestre



The red room of the Silvestre Restaurant
The garden of the Silvestre Restaurant
The main room of the Silvestre Restaurant


Discover the story behind this captivating 600-square-meter house, built in the 1890s by Mr. Leonidas Pacheco Cabezas. This distinguished Costa Rican lawyer, politician, and diplomat shared his home with his wife, Mrs. Felicia Licop Rouffiange, whom he met in Belgium, and together, they built a beautiful family. In recognition of his contributions, Mr. Leonidas was declared a national benefactor in the 1960s. His legacy and the history of this house endure to this day.

In later times, this impressive residence was inhabited by the marriage of Mr. Hernán Peralta Quirós and Dolores Zeller, known as Lolita Zeller, a renowned painter, while Mr. Hernán was a prominent intellectual, historian, writer, lawyer, and diplomat. Both were prominent figures in the society of the era. After their departure, the house became the property of the Obregón family, who currently own it. Throughout the decades, this magnificent space has housed law offices, accountants, doctors, architects, a travel agency, and even a nightclub. However, it is the first time that it has been given a comprehensive use as a charming restaurant. We take pride in breathing life into every corner of this historic house, offering a unique gastronomic experience in an environment full of charm and legacy. Be a part of this new chapter in the house's history as you enjoy an unforgettable meal in our restaurant.

The house of Silvestre Restaurant today
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