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Menu de degustacion inspirado en la gastronomia costarricense. Plato pejibaye con mayonesa: el erizo que se quedo sin mar
Menu de degustacion el postre. Inspirado en las cajetas costarricenses
Menu de degustacion: comen moras los corderos. Plato conmemorativo






At Silvestre, we strive to reinvent Costa Rican gastronomy, drawing inspiration from conventional models of success and forging our own sustainable path. Costa Rica stands out for its strict protection of biodiversity and sustainability. We use gastronomically valuable ingredients under innovative and sustainable techniques, collaborating with local communities. We become custodians of a culinary treasure, showing that it's possible to delight the palate while protecting our ecosystems. Our vision is to make Costa Rica a global leader in sustainable gastronomy, where each dish tells the story of our land. Silvestre is more than just a place to eat; it's a space to feel, live, and remember, generating authentically Costa Rican sensations. Through our cuisine, we offer an innovative experience deeply rooted in local culture, impacting the sensibility of our communities and the planet. Our mission is to elevate Costa Rican gastronomy, demonstrating that sustainability and respect for biodiversity can go hand in hand with an exceptional culinary experience.

El jardin del Restaurante Silvestre
Chef Santiago Fernandez Benedetto

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