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Chef Santiago Fernandez Benedetto




(San José, 1986)

Our chef is the vibrant heart behind Silvestre, where his playful personality and jovial spirit intertwine with a curious mind eager to discover new culinary horizons. With expansive vision and genuine humility, Santiago does more than just cook: he explores, educates, and inspires. Throughout his career, he has traveled the world, accumulating experiences in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Dubai, and Australia, working in ultra-luxury restaurants and hotels. Throughout his life, he has dedicated himself to perfecting his art and becoming his best self, with mastery of technique and innovation in the intertwined areas of gastronomy and art. Through each dish, he invites his diners and colleagues to embark on a gastronomic adventure, challenging convention and seeking to transform Costa Rican cuisine into a model of innovation and sustainability.

Santiago uses storytelling to weave experiences that not only delight the palate but also excite and connect with diners on a deeper level. His commitment is not only to food but also to the community, motivating everyone to join in this journey of collective growth and cultural elevation. At Silvestre, each experience is a step towards a future where Costa Rica shines on the world stage as an example of culinary excellence and profound respect for nature.

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